New Year-New Challenge-Pie in the Face

Happy New Year, L&S friends!! Each new year brings new opportunities to grow, live, and to have fun. Life is too short to take things too seriously. This year, find time to laugh a little more. Spend more time with the people that make you feel alive. Don’t let negative thoughts rule your life. Be happy, smile more, and appreciate the small things life has to offer. There are so many negative things surrounding us every day in the news, on social media, and even at the grocery store….BUT, there are also so many great things you can find in those same places if you just open your heart and look for them. Choose to find positivity, choose to smile, choose to bring happiness to someone else’s day, choose to love instead of hate, choose to forgive, choose to live. That is our goal every day! So, when in doubt, watch our videos! We hope it will add a little positivity to your day! Share them to spread the joy!

This challenge was suggested by a subscriber on our YouTube channel! Thank you, I Love Slapstick, for the fun idea. A special THANK YOU to our amazing husbands for joining in on this, and all of our crazy adventures we’ve had so far. They are our biggest fans and created the idea for Laverne and Shirley Adventures. We sure are lucky to have “Ro-Lo” and “Matt-ew”!

Cheers to the new year and cheers to all the adventures to come! Don’t forget to Be Someones Happy Today!

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