About Us


Our Story

Laverne and Shirley, aka Sandi and Kelle, are best friends who share a love of great adventures and happiness. With every adventure, there is lots of laughter, lessons learned, and usually a little bit of trouble along the way. Follow along as we try new restaurants, embark on crazy adventures, drink lots of wine, almost always have bun on our head, and attempt to manage our busy lives and families.

Meet Laverne and Shirley

Sandi Lopez

aka Laverne

Sandi is a loving wife and a mom of 3 kids. She enjoys working out, her church group, icees, going to the casino, being a stay-at-home mom, home decor, her "Danielle" robe, naps, and making people laugh. 

Kelle Fraser

aka Shirley

Kelle is a loving wife & dance teacher. She enjoys yoga, dancing, wine & food pairing, trying out new restaurants, marketing for her husbands company, Hallmark Channel movies, and icees.