Valentine’s Day Special Delivery

Happy Valentine’s Day, friends!

This week, we decided to spread some happiness to the sweet residents at Mercer Place, a local senior living home. We delivered some yummy chocolate cupcakes, some adorable Valentine’s cards, and of course lots of smiles. The residents loved it, and so did we!! We met the most kind-hearted ladies and they shared some of their life stories with us! We were also able to interview a few of them about what love means to them. Watch below to meet some of our new friends from Mercer Place!

Remember, sometimes the smallest acts make the biggest impact. The residents at Mercer Place definitely have a spot in our hearts. Take a moment today to think about all the good things life has given you. Even on our darkest days, love can shine through if you choose to let it.

We hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day full of friends and family. Don’t forget to Be Someones Happy Today and share our post!!



1 thought on “Valentine’s Day Special Delivery

  1. This was so fun to watch! I know everyone there at Mercer loved y’alls company and great conversation. Happy Valentine’s Day!!

    Oh and I want one of those shirts y’all were wearing! Love it!! ❤❤

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