October Family Fun Night

Looking for something fun to do with your family or friends this month? Well, do we have a fun adventure for you!! All you need are some pumpkins, a graveyard, a scavenger hunt list, and a few brave people to join you!

Our adventure began at Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market! We found all different kinds of pumpkins, but we finally decided to go with white! They were only $4, y’all! Next on our list was pumpkin carving tools. They have a cute little aisle dedicated to all things Halloween where we found inexpensive carving tools, electronic tea lights, and glow sticks!

We had a blast carving our pumpkins, and too many laughs to count! Make sure you put down a disposable table cloth or some plastic bags for easy clean up. Carving pumpkins is a really great bonding opportunity with friends and family.

After you finish your pumpkins, it’s time to head to a graveyard! Remember to grab your glow sticks, a few flash lights, and a scavenger hunt list! This link has some good scavenger hunt ideas! The glow sticks help you see where everyone is, plus everyone loves glow sticks! Make sure you have bright flash lights, otherwise you can use your cell phone flashlight.

Our experience at the graveyard…Cemeteries don’t seem scary during the day, but they sure do take on a different feel at night. Some of the grave sites we saw had a lot of random trinkets and other items that added to the spookiness. Did we finish our list?? Nope. we got scared and ran out! We heard what sounded like a little girl’s scream while we were standing next to a little kids grave that had a child statue in front. Let’s just say we ran like we were running a 200 meter dash out of there! All in all, we had a blast and definitely recommend it! It’s not very often you can have a fun night out for only $5 per person!

Pumpkins: $4

Glow Sticks: $0.99 for an 8 pack

Tea Lights: $2.95 for a 4 pack

Graveyard Scavenger Hunt: Free!

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  1. Loved the video!!!! I would have had a blast doing that. A fun idea!!! Keep the videos coming๐Ÿ˜Š๐ŸŽƒ๐Ÿ’–

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